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Mobile app; your air in your phone

Air quality monitoring mobile applications have surged in China after the recent episodes of pollution peaks. Overall, this is only a start and the apps currently available lack reliability or real-time recommendations functions. Some examples are listed below. If you want more information, you can visit the blog Beijing tech report.

  • Air Quality China displays an average air quality index for about 140 Chinese cities. A simple color code is used to inform users about hazardous air conditions (included PM2.5 and PM10, when available).

© Air Quality China

China Air Quality  aggregates data from more than 120 cities , ranking them according to a “pollution index” . The app uses data from both the US Embassy and China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection (PM2.5, PM10 , SO2, NO2).


© China Air Quality

In other locations, several apps and projects are also available.

  • AIRNow, developed by the US EPA, offers forecast and real-time monitoring of PM2.5 and ozone, as well as interesting visuals and health recommendations.
  • Breath! is a mobile application providing near real-time air quality data for a wide range of locations and regions which will be released in few months by prodevelop (spanish R&D company). Breath! will use air quality data provided by GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security by European Space agency). It will also use data from local authorities or crowd-sourced. Other parameters, such as weather, wind, waves, water quality and UV index will also be available to offer advices for users performing outdoor activities.


    © Breath! predevelop