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Monitoring Indoor Air

People living in urban areas spend more than 80% of their time indoors. This number is even higher for sensitive populations, such as children and the elderly. So it is not surprising to see projects emerging in the field of  indoor air quality monitoring. Some projects have an impressive design of both hardware and mobile app, however the air quality part is often limited to CO2. Anyone serious about indoor air pollutant tracking should also integrate other critical indoor gas pollutant monitoring, such as VOCs.

Netatmo has developed a sleek personal weather station, with the vision of creating a weather and air quality monitoring network. The parameters measured include indoor temperature, CO2 concentration, noise, and humidity. Useful applications include indicating the best time to ventilate, recommendations for outdoor activities or pollution peak alerts on your mobile phone. However, it is not sure whether people would be interested in sharing this data on social networks. The station is currently sold for around 170 Euros.


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CubeSensors are two-inch cube shaped devices tracking temperature, air quality, barometric pressure, humidity, noise, vibrations and light, with wireless capabilities. Data are analyzed and recommendations to improve the indoor conditions are delivered via a mobile app. No available information on the type of air pollutants are available yet.


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